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Walkabout Apaiaries is a family of beekeepers in the North East of Victoria (in fact just a hop-skip-and-a-jump from our shop door in Milawa!).

They take their bees "walkabout" through the local bush because they know that happy, healthy bees make just the best honey!

All honey (except the Raw) has been cold extracted and minimally filtered at low heat, for the best quality honey around.

Size // Available in 500g jars and 1kg pails (variety dependant). Orange Blossom honey and White Tea Tree honey only available in 250g jars.

Raw honey // This honey has all the good bits left in! Cold extracted, unstrained, raw honey from the Australian bush.

Red Gum honey // Medium toffee flavoured, ideal on crumpets and toast served served with tea.

Bloody Good honey // Rich, sweet and scrumptious. Just bloody good.

Yellow Box honey // The epitome of Australian honey, most Australians have grown up eating yellow box honey. This honey is the sweetest. 

Creamed honey // Natural honey whipped until creamy for the ultimate luxury honey experience. 

White Tea Tree honey // This honey packs some punch! A dark jelly honey with a hint of aniseed flavour. Indigenious to North Eastern Victoria, this honey is produced by bees located in pristine Alpine forest. Only available in 250g jars.

Orange Blossom honey // Produced in bee-safe locations within the orange orchards of the NSW Riverina. This honey exudes the delicate aroma of orange blossom. Only available in 250g jars.