Maison Renoux - Vinegar Aigre Doux (Caramalised)

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Made by Michel Renoux from the House Of Stanley Apple Cider Vinegar, Maison Vinegar Aigre-Doux (literally "sweet and sour") is a traditionally made apple cider vinegar which has been cooked with apple up to the point of caramelisation. Sugar, fennel seed and star anise are then added in the barrel Provincial style, and the vinegar is reduced to give a sweet and sour taste.

Michel Renoux grew up in the heart of Brittany’s cider country where making cider is not just a pastime but a way of life. On his farm in Stanley, North East Victoria, Michel grows his own varieties of apples and hand crafts his vinegars in his cellar which houses rows of 1000 litre tanks of cider being transformed into vinegar by the ‘mother’, a jelly like mass that floats on top of the cider.

This Vinegar Aigre Doux is dark and rich and amazing as a dipping vinegar for bread or to drizzle over your roast carrots and other vegetables, coat peaches and nectarines, and roast them for a rich deep flavour, stew your strawberries and add to your deserts - it's a show stopper!

Size // 375ml