Billson's - Traditional Cordials

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Billson's is a brewery established in 1865 in Beechworth. It is one of the oldest continuing beverage manufacturers in Australia. Billson's range of gourmet cordials are crafted following hand written original recipes.

This range of traditional cordials are easy to enjoy with still or sparkling water, or use in your next cocktail or mocktail.

Size // 700ml

Lemon Ginger // Plenty of zing in this Lemon Ginger cordial with a hint of spice. It's great served chilled or warm.

Ingredients // Spring water, sugar, lemon juice, spice, natural flavour, preservative (211, 223)

Portello // This best selling Traditional Portello Cordial is a grape & berry cola flavoured masterpiece. It's deliciously refreshing and very nostalgic.

Ingredients // Spring water, sugar, food acid (330), preservative (211)

Saint Clements // The Saint Clements cordial is a balanced blend of bitter oranges and lemons. It's a perfect mixer.

Ingredients // Spring water, sugar, lemon and orange juice, flavour, food acid (330), preservative (211, 223), colour (110).

Sicilian Blood Orange  // The Sicilian Blood Orange cordial is tangy and full flavoured. Perfect mixed with spring water in the warmer months, or add a cinnamon stick and heat for a winter warmer.

Ingredients // Spring water, sugar, orange juice, food acid (330), preservative (221), colour (102, 123) flavour

Spiced Apple // The Spiced Apple cordial is a delicious blend of apple and cinnamon. It's like drinking apple pie in a glass, also fabulous hot or as a cocktail mixer.

Ingredients // Spring water, sugar, apple juice, spice, food acid (330), colour (150), preservative (211, 223)

Raspberry Vinegar //  Bursting with raspberry flavour, a subtle hint of white vinegar helps perfectly balance the fruit sweetness. It’s deliciously refreshing & very nostalgic.

Ingredients // Spring water, sugar, raspberry juice, spice, food acid (260), natural food colours, preservative (211)