Food and Wine Lovers Christmas Gift Guide

Posted by Nathalie Cooke on

It might be the first week of December, but if you’re like me Christmas has still managed to sneak up on you again this year and you are looking for that perfect gift for the wine lover and foodie in your life. This list we’ve put together focuses on great quality, family farmed, small batch local produce and King Valley wine and encompasses all things we would also love to be given this Christmas.

Gift hamper

Nothing says Christmas more then a gift hamper, the beauty of a hamper is that there are so many options for gift hampers that you can really find one that focuses on the things that your loved one likes – from biscuits and condiments, to wine and grown-up cocktail syrups, to candles and skin care products the options really are endless. There are also options for building your own hamper which means you can personalise the contents to suit both your recipient and your budget. It’s also lovely to know you are supporting a range of small producers through your gift buying.

Wine collection subscription

For the wine lover who has everything! When you want to say “Merry Christmas” four times a year :), a wine collection subscription can be a great way of being introduced to a whole new range of wines over a period of time. Always have a great bottle, no matter the occasion. And if you wish to gift the first collection and transfer the membership over – that’s easy enough too. Who knows you might even be invited over to help do a taste test?

Food and wine pairing for the Christmas table

Interested in giving a gift that you know will be used and appreciated throughout Christmas? We love the idea of giving food and wine gifts paired ready to be enjoyed over the Christmas period. Not only will you be sure that your gift will be used, and not relegated to the back of a cupboard, but you will know you’ve played a part in reducing just a bit of the busyness that seems to dominate the season. We love the pairing of a homemade plum pudding with a bottle of Muscat ready to finish the Christmas dinner; or a selection of crackers, condiments, and a fig salami perfect for adding to a tasty cheese platter, perhaps with a bottle of Pizzini Prosecco.

Picnic essentials

Nothing says Australian summer like the humble picnic. And the picnic has been taken to a new level with these fantastic fold-flat wooden picnic tables, perfect for holding your bottle of wine, glasses and a selection of goodies – never knock things over onto the blanket again! Available in various sizes, to hold 2, 4 or 6 glasses.

We hope you, and your love ones have a fabulous Christmas season! Have any questions about gift ideas? Feel free to drop us a message.