6 tasty tips for using Dukkah

Posted by Nathalie Cooke on

Dukkah’s one of those best kept secrets. It's a blend of nuts, seeds and spices originating in Egypt. If you find a blend you love, stock up your pantry as it keeps for months and can be used so many ways to add flavour and crunch to your dishes. It’s one of those perfect staples to have to hand. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll want to but it on everything - below is 6 tasty tips to use your dukkah - but we’re pretty sure we could come up with another 20 in a heartbeat. It really is that versatile!

1. With bread and olive oil

This is the traditional use for dukkah, and still so lovely. Simply serve up dukkah with some sliced crusty bread and a quality Australian extra virgin olive oil. Dip the bread in the extra virgin olive oil and then into the dukkah for a salty, spicy and crunchy alternative to dip.

2. On eggs

Poach or boil your breakfast eggs and sprinkle with dukkah on serving, putting a little extra on the side for extra dipping purposes. Serve with toast and a good cup of coffee.

3. On avocado

Sprinkle onto your smashed avo on toast, add a squeeze of lemon, or a drizzle of Australian balsamic vinegar over the top - and you have smashed avo perfection.

4. Zing up your vegetables

We use this so often at home! Have a plate of steamed green beans? Drizzle a little olive oil over and dust with dukkah for super tasty beans. Also great on roast veggies. Use any combination of vegetables that you love - we like sweet potato, brussel sprouts, zucchini and carrot. Roast in a little extra virgin olive oil and salt, and then toss with dukkah before serving.

5. For crunchy, crusted meat

Amazing on meat like lamb chops or beef fillet as a spice rub to add both flavour and a crunchy crust. Simply coat the meat in a little olive oil, add the dukkah and rub to coat. Cook the meat to your liking on a medium heat. Serve with salad and couscous and a little yogurt dressing.

6. With ice-cream

Surprising but true! Seeds, nuts, spice and crunch goes so well with a bitter or rich ice cream flavour like dark chocolate, coffee or licorice. Dust a little dukkah at the bottom of the bowl, as well as on top, to ensure you can get some dukkah goodness with every spoonful.