Pukara Estate - Balsamic Vinegars

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Pukara Estate is based on a 300 acre property located near the township of Denman in the historic viticultural region of the Upper Hunter Valley, New South Wales.

This mixed farming enterprise comprises of 20 000 olive trees, fat lambs and lucerne hay production. With the Pukara Estate olive oil and vinegar production undertaken onsite. Their vinegars are made using the best quality Australian wine and grape juice and are all handcrafted on a batch basis. The mother culture used to produce these vinegars has been actively producing quality vinegars since the late 1800’s.

Caramelised Balsamic is perfect as a dressing with an extra virgin olive oil, pour over poached pairs for a rich desert, use in meat marinades or drizzle over roast lamb.

Ingredients // wine vinegar, sugar, caramel N

Size // Available in 250ml or 500ml bottles

Fig Balsamic is sweet, rich and fruity and adds a great depth of flavour that works with desserts, meat and salads. Use as a glaze on pan fried chicken or lamb cutlets, or drizzle over blue cheese and pears.

Ingredients // wine vinegar, sugar, caramel N, natural flavour (pomegranate)

Size // 250ml 

Pomegranate balsamic is a sweet, sour and tangy vinegar which makes a great marinade or drizzled over your favourite dish. Use as a glaze on duck or pork, pairs well with beetroot and eggplant, combine with rosemary and salt and use as a marinade for your roast lamb.

Ingredients // wine vinegar, sugar, caramel N, natural flavour (pomegranate)

Size // 250ml 

Red Wine Liqueur is a thick, sweet and rich vinegar that is truly versatile and can be used over any salad, meat, fish, vegetables and with desserts.  It's sweet with caramelisation. Perfect to glaze a leg of ham, or to marinate beef skewers, add to Asian style marinades and sauces with chilli and garlic.

Ingredients // red wine vinegar, sugar, water

Size // 250ml 

White Balsamic is an artisan vinegar light and complex in taste. Add to to sauces to increase the depth of flavour, use to braise meat or vegetables in or to deglaze a pan to make a light jus. Also perfect for adding to salad dressings, and for splashing over seafood.

Ingredients // wine vinegar, sugar, grape juice concentrate

Size //  250ml