Description Code Price Comments
Andrew Cope Olive Pouring Bottle medium. ACOBS $32.00
Andrew Cope Garlic Pots 10cm high x 12 cm diameter approx. ACGP $35.00
Andrew Cope Marinate Your Own 18cm high x 9cm diameter approx. ACMP $37.00
Andrew Cope Olive Curing Jar 28 cm high x 12 cm diameter approx. ACCJ $45.00
Andrew Cope Olive Oil Dipping Bowl, 12 cm diameter ACDB $15.00
Andrew Cope Pip Pot 6cm high x 8 cm diameter approx. ACPD $24.00
Andrew Cope Salt Pig, 12cm high x 10 cm diameter approx. ACPC $32.00
Andrew Cope Oil and Dukkah, 14cm diameter approx. ACODD $15.00
Andrew Cope Olive & Pip dish 12 cm diameter approx. ADPD $15.00
Andrew Cope Tarjine Large $68 Medium $58 Small $48 ACTL VARIOUS


Description Code Price Comments
Olive Wood Salad Server set 30 cm SP1 $29.95
Olive Wood Flathead Spoon, and Spatula 28 cm SP2 $29.95
Olive Dipping Swirl, 21 cm length SP3 $6.95
Olive Pitter, 18 cm length SP4 $10.00
Olive Wood Classic spatula 31 cm SP5 $29.95